Feel Good Kitchen Buying™

Join our “feel good” community of like-minded buyers and sellers who are motivated by the idea of saving money and a little bit of our planet along the way.

For every kitchen sold, UKE customers have made incredible environmental savings and enjoyed the ‘feel good’ of making an ethical choice.

Carbon Saved

For every kitchen sold, it’s re-use saves on average 5,000 Kgs of carbon. That’s around 1 year of being carbon neutral for a family of 4.


Total Kgs of carbon saved by UKE customers

Trees Saved

Reducing deforestation could provide more than one-third of the total CO2 reductions required to keep global warming below 2°C through to 2030.


Total number of trees saved by UKE customers

Carbon savings equivalent to


Annual electricity usage for 7,434 homes


108,916,347 miles travelled every year in the UK


101,818 Barrels of crude oil consumed globally


706 Cars manufactured

We are extremely grateful for the help and support we have received from the European Union and Clean Growth UK to devise the World’s first Kitchen Sustainability Calculator. This has been many years in the making and enables us to quantify the carbon and trees saved when selling or buying a pre-owned kitchen. With sustainability being critical to the health of our Planet, we are so proud that UKE is helping people make an ethical choice when replacing their kitchen.

Helen Lord, UKE Founder
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